Exotic flavors, Heirloom Ingredients, for the Common Good.

Union of Good People and Great Food

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Where thoughtfully crafted experiences meet good food and great service.  Come in, relax for a while and return to the world a little more content.


Union of Good People and Great Food

Let Peace begin at the table.
Join us in creating a Compassionate Commonwealth.

Community Partnerships to uplift and refresh our city.

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Blaine Deutsch

I’m a painter, printmaker, designer, producer, cyclist, conversationalist, writer, amateur quantum physicist and seeker of inspiration. I have a giant garden, partially for all the great produce it provides, but also because it functions as a grand experiment in wonder.I believe artists are the record keepers and we will help to determine where we all go from here.

Hugh Vincent

Randomness is the apparent or actual lack of pattern or predictability. As an artist, I strive to get in touch with my inner voice and create works that explore the perception of randomness, engaging the spectator through their interpretation of the sprawling, gestural lines.


John describes his work as controlled chaos, something that may appear out of control but which functions according to unseen rules or organization.  He believes in incorporating lost, forgotten and discarded objects to create his works of art.  This could include a combination of maps, old books, remnants of fabric and found objects, just to name a few.

The universe inspires John to create. Along with the gift of creativity and the many intriguing things and objects he has found along his journey, he is able to share his love and passion of art with you.


Using a neutral and earth tone color palate to reflect balance, my process begins with a mix of acrylic, oil pastels and gel mediums to create multiple layers. After building up the structure of the background I construct the form and patterns while strategically placing the shapes and symbols. The technique I use to develop the background brings out the images and designs that are later enhanced during the creation of each piece. While reaching completeness I focus on linear and tonal strategy to finalize details.